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Smart Cell Culture Monitoring – Transforming the way we look at cells in culture

In this podcast, we interviewed Philip Mathuis, Co-founder and CEO, Ovizio, about cell culture monitoring, the latest technology for monitoring cells in culture without the need for sampling and where monitoring could move in the future.

Prior to co-founding Ovizio with Serge Jooris in 2010, Mr. Mathuis obtained an engineering degree in electronics and telecommunications. He started his career in the high-tech sector where he held management positions for large companies in several European countries. Here he developed strong business and commercial skills, completed by an MBA from ESCP, Paris. Leading and quickly positioning Ovizio as a key player in cell culture monitoring with a strong portfolio of innovative quantitative microscopy technologies is certainly one of his major career highlights.

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Job Outlook for the Biomanufacturing Industry

In this podcast, we interviewed Hillary Kaplan, Director, Bioprocess CMC Development & Operations, Klein Hersh about the job outlook for the biomanufacturing industry from a recruiter’s perspective.

Hillary partners with organizations ranging from VC backed start-ups and mid-size biotechs to large multinational biopharma companies in helping to identify individuals working exclusively in biologics/large molecule development. These scientific and operational leaders tend to be formally trained in Chemical/Biomolecular Engineering and are tasked with bridging the gap between R&D and development and readying products for manufacturing and launch.

To learn more and view show notes please visit: job-outlook-biomanufacturing-industry