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Bioengineered Organ Implants Poised to Change Treatment Paradigms in Esophageal Cancer

In this podcast, we interviewed Jim McGorry, CEO and Saverio LaFrancesca, President and Chief Medical Officer about how Biostage is using cell therapy to improve the standard of care in adult and pediatric esophageal disease.

We began the interview talking with Dr. LaFrancesca about how Biostage is using their Cellframe technology to improve on the current standard of care for esophageal diseases. Dr. LaFrancesca began by explaining that esophageal disease patients are divided into two patient populations – adults and pediatric. For adults affected by esophageal disease or cancer the standard of care is to pull up their stomach to meet the remaining portion of esophagus after resection or to remove a section of the intestine and use it to replace the removed portion. These surgical procedures are very complicated and involve surgeries into multiple body cavities. The mortality and morbidity rate for these treatments is very high and have serious associated complications. In most pediatric cases the babies are born without an esophagus and in this case there is no standard of care. The surgeon will utilize the same techniques used in adult cases, but there are serious consequences for the infants including failure to thrive and issues with growth.

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