Monthly Archives: December 2019

Improved gene therapy analytics permit monitoring of critical quality attributes and increased manufacturing efficiency

Jonathan Royce, Director, Instruments Business Unit, Vironova talks about analytics in gene therapy manufacturing. Specifically, Jonathan details new technologies to monitor critical quality attributes, reduce development time and increase the number of projects that can be run.

Generating actionable data and analysis in complex models using live-cell analysis

In this podcast, we talked with Paul Jantzen, Product Manager for IncuCyte at Sartorius about the benefits of real-time live-cell analysis and image processing workflows. We also discussed how live-cell analysis is enabling the use of neuronal cell models to study cell health, morphology, function and cell dynamics.

New Advancements in Cell and Gene Therapy Implementing Precision Medicine

In this podcast, we talked with Dr. Paul Wotton, Chief Executive Officer, Obsidian Therapeutics about the evolution of cancer therapy and new advancements in the space including precision medicine. Our discussion included Obsidian’s cytoDRiVE™ platform that provides a technology, in which the level and timing of protein activity are fully controlled in a dose-dependent manner by an FDA-approved small molecule.