A Road Map for Efficient Fed-Batch Cell Culture Optimization

In this podcast, we interviewed Dr. Andreas Castan, Principal Scientist at GE Healthcare Life Sciences about the most efficient ways to optimize fed-batch cell culture production for CHO-based antibodies. This included a discussion of media vs. feed strategies, incorporating critical quality attributes, evaluating the impact of optimizing on downstream processing and more.

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Viral Vector Manufacturing for Gene Therapy

In this podcast, we interviewed Dr. Mats Lundgren, Ph.D. Customer Applications Director, Life Sciences, GE Healthcare, Sweden about developing platform processes for viral vector manufacturing and Mats describes a recently developed platform process for adenovirus production. 

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Key Considerations in Gene Therapy Manufacturing for Commercialization – A panel discussion

This podcast is a recording from the panel discussion that I moderated at this year’s Cell and Gene Therapy Bioprocessing and Commercialization Conference. The discussion covers the latest in gene therapy manufacturing strategies, analytical analysis, cost of goods and key regulatory considerations.

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Closed System Cell Therapy Manufacturing – Moving from the lab to clinical and commercial production

In this podcast, we conducted a panel discussion on key considerations for moving cell therapies from lab to commercial manufacturing, including the benefits of manufacturing in a closed system. We also discussed what were some of the key hurdles and possible solutions associated with transitioning to clinical and commercial cell therapy manufacturing.

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Start With The End In Mind. How to facilitate transfer from non-GMP to GMP

In this podcast, we interviewed Avril Vermunt, bioprocess hardware specialist at GE healthcare about transferring a process from a non-GMP to a GMP environment, particularly how resource-intensive it is for process development and manufacturing groups. Avril has several years of experience working in the technology transfer group at a large pharmaceutical company. We discussed with her best practices and how being proactive and one step ahead can make the process more seamless.

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Modeling Downstream Disruptive Technologies to Improve Downstream Bioprocessing.

In this podcast, we interviewed Dr. Yuyi Shen about the benefits of modeling disruptive technologies to improve downstream bioprocessing and evaluating the financial impact of implementing these technologies.

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Successful Mesenchymal Stem Cell Manufacturing for Cell Therapy Applications

In this podcast, we interviewed Dr. Ross Macdonald about the use of mesenchymal stem cells for cell therapy applications and key criteria for successful manufacturing. 

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Bioprocessing Technologies for Stem Cell Therapy

In this podcast, we interviewed Ricardo Baptista, Lead Process Development Scientist, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, UK, about his impressions on current bioprocessing technologies for stem cell therapy manufacturing and possible future innovations.

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Cell Therapy Manufacturing – Opportunities and Challenges

In this podcast, we interviewed Dr. Robert Preti about the past, present, and future of global cell therapy manufacturing. We also discussed major industry milestones, manufacturing challenges, and opportunities for the further improvements.

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Robert A. Preti, PhDChief Executive Officer and President, Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions, LLCGeneral Manager, Regenerative Medicine Business Sector, Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd.

Dr. Robert “Bob” Preti is the co-founder and the visionary behind the successful growth and development strategy of PCT (on October 2, 2017 renamed Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions, LLC or “HCATS”) over much of the last two decades. Upon PCT’s acquisition by Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. in May 2017, Bob’s role expanded to General Manager, Regenerative Medicine Business Sector of Hitachi Chemical, responsible for development, management and oversight of the global business operations of Hitachi Chemical’s regenerative medicine business unit.  Bob built HCATS to meet a recognized need for high quality manufacturing and development services in an emerging industry. Bob is currently Chairman for the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, where, among other activities, he previously served as Vice Chairman and in other roles. Bob holds a BS degree in biology from Fordham University, and a MS degree and Doctorate, both in biology, from New York University.

Continuous Biomanufacturing Implementation Now and in The Future

In this podcast, we interviewed Dr. Peter Levison, Senior Marketing Director – Downstream Processing, Pall Life Sciences about the evolution and benefits of continuous biomanufacturing, what implementation looks like today and what still needs to be realized for full industry adoption.

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